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Slate Tile in Foyer

The foyer was extended, and the homeowner wished to preserve the existing slate floor.  The old slate was removed and cleaned, and additional slate was added in a random pattern to make it all look original.

Closet Expansion and Pocket Doors

This job was complicated, since the existing foyer was being extended, and the homeowner wanted to preserve and expand the tile floor.  The closet was widened and a custom shelving unit installed.  On the other side, LED lighting was located in the soffit built to accommodate the new pocket doors.

Garage Make Over

A fun make over of a typical tired looking garage.  We cleared out the shelving, cleaned up the walls and painted.  Replacing the lighting with LED shop lights brightened the space.  Adding the off the floor cabinets provided ideal storage.  The garage flooring was a superior option to painting the cement.  The custom skirt neatly tied the walls to the floor without the unsightly gaps.

Kitchen Refresh

Dated cabinets and basic countertop are updated in this project.  A new countertop is added and the backsplash finished off the design nicely.

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